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Effective business support planning becomes one of the most critical activities within successful small business maintenance and development. Pexapay provides best affordable plan to earn money.

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FASTER, RELIABLE and SECURED PAYMENTS is our motto and we strive to provide the same without any hassles.


You can do multiple payments in a single click without having to go through multiple verifications. The interface is designed for easy use by anyone. Hope you also breathe like us, Lets make the dream TRUE.

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Refer and get Benefited with Referral Bonus and Binary Income

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PEXA PAY, offers unparalleled services that will transform the way you make your payments. Whether it is the payment of your insurance premium, mobile recharge, flight bookings, or for shopping, we offer you a wide array of solutions to pay for your daily services and payment at your convenience.

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We value and expect integrity in all that we do We strive for operational and service excellence through multiple factors, we are determined to build it culture based on superior performance, success through teamwork

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Mobile Prepaid, Postpaid and DTH Recharges


Flight, Bus and Hotel Booking Services

Utility Payments and Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer and Utility Payments - EB, GAS and etc


MultiVendor E-Commerce Portal to shop with Discounted Prices

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$100 per month

Up to 5 users

5 Email Accounts

No License

Phone & Mail Support

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$299 per month

Up to 5 users

5 Email Accounts

No License

Phone & Mail Support

Quality of services

We design to
let you earn


From our

Multiple Income Business

Strategy to earn Multiple Income

While trying to make money helping your life-style improve, you think and learn about second Income or Passive Income. To raise more money, naturally we work more hours (Part time) but there is a best, alternative system though you are not working hard, making money while you sleeping your networks work for you resulting the passive Income grows faster and smarter way.

Build your professional network

Your network helping you to earn

To build own professional network, we need quality people instead of quantity based, never assume people, select the person who have the common like minded groups. Always be positive, energetic and friendly with everyone.Importantly, we guide the team to duplicate the same for fastest growth in our own professional network.

Multiply the efforts

Strategy to multiply the Income

Certain unique set of skills, knowledge and experience which are assets for our life. We should use our expertise further to develop our business. Our expertise is a powerful gift that deserves to be shared. When our expertise or wisdom helps the entire team to multiply the total efforts and grow our business. Be part of PEXA PAY to become an "Expertise".

Payout Automated Online

Payout Transparent and all automated online

Payout for the Referral and Binary Income is calculated transparently and maintain the wallet that can be leveraged for E-Commerce Services that include Recharge, Bills Payment, Online Booking and Shopping


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